European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Political Parties Act, 2005, amended 2016 (English)pdf
Election Code, 2014, amended 2016 (English)pdf
Criminal Code, 1968, amended 2016 (Bulgarian)pdf
Labour Code, 1987, amended 2016 (Bulgarian)pdf

Financial Disclosure

Counter-Corruption and Unlawfully Acquired Assets Forfeiture Act of 2018_BUL (Bulgarian)pdf
Penal Code of 1968_BUL (Bulgarian)pdf
Law on Civil Servants of 1999_BUL (Bulgarian)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria of 1991 (Bulgarian)pdf
Law Against Corruption and Forfeiture of Illegally Acquired Property of 2018 (Bulgarian)pdf
Law on Civil Servants of 1999 (Bulgarian)pdf
Code of Conduct of Civil Servants of 2020 (Bulgarian)pdf
Rules for the Organization and Activity of the National Assembly of 2017 (Bulgarian)pdf

Freedom of Information

Constitution of Bulgaria of 1991_BUL (Bulgarian)pdf
Law on Access to Public Information of 2000_BUL (Bulgarian)pdf
Law on Statutory Instruments of 1973_BUL (Bulgarian)pdf
Administrative Procedure Code of 2006_BUL (Bulgarian)pdf
Administration Act of 1998 _BUL (Bulgarian)pdf
Public Finance Act of 2013_BUL (Bulgarian)pdf
Protection of Classified Information Act of 2002_BUL (Bulgarian)pdf
Personal Data Protection Act of 2002_BUL (Bulgarian)pdf

Public Procurement

Public Procurement Act 2016 ENG (English)pdf
Public Procurement Act, Prom. SG. 13/16 Feb 2016 (Bulgarian)pdf
Rules No 73 of 2016 for the implementation of the Public Procurement Law (Bulgarian)pdf