European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Law on Political Parties, 1997, amended 2016 (Polish)pdf
Election Code 2011 (English)pdf

Financial Disclosure

Act on the Discharge of Their Duties by Sejm Deputies and Senators of 1996_POL (Polish)pdf
Central Anti-Corruption Bureau Act of 2006_POL (Polish)pdf
Act on Restrictions on Conduct of Business Activities by Persons Performing Public Functions of 1997_POL (Polish)pdf
Principles of Deputies' Ethics of 1998_POL (Polish)pdf
Penal Code of 1997_POL (Polish)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Constitution of the Republic of Poland of 1997 (Polish)pdf
Act on Restricting the Conduct of Economic Activity by Persons Discharging Public Functions of 2019 (Polish)pdf
Act on the Exercise of the Mandate of a Deputy and Senator of 1982 (Polish)pdf
Principles of Deputies' Ethics of 1998 (Polish)pdf
Rules of Procedure of the Sejm of 1992 (Polish)pdf
Guidelines for Compliance with the Principles of Civil Service of 2011 (Polish)pdf

Freedom of Information

Constitution of the Republic of Poland of 1997_POL (Polish)pdf
Law on Access to Public Information of 2001_POL (Polish)pdf
Law on Public Finances of 2009_POL (Polish)pdf
Law on Protection of Classified Information of 2010_POL (Polish)pdf
Law on the Protection of Personal Data of 2018_POL (Polish)pdf
Code of Administrative Proceedings of 1960_POL (Polish)pdf
Law on Proceedings in Administrative Courts of 2002_POL (Polish)pdf

Public Procurement

Act of 11 September 2019, Public Procurement Law (Polish)pdf
Announcement of the Prime Minister No. 972 of 7 May 2018 (Polish)pdf
Communication on the new EU threshold amounts (Polish)pdf
Law No. 1232 of 2014, amending the Public Procurement Act (Polish)pdf
Regulations of 11 September 2019, introducing the Public Procurement Law (Polish)pdf