European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Law No. 85 on Political Parties and Movements, 2005, amended 2016 (Slovakian)pdf
Law No. 181 on the election campaign and amendments to Law No. 85 on political parties and movements, 2014 (Slovakian)pdf
Act of 18 March 1999 on election of the president of the Slovak Republic, plebiscite, recalling of president and amending of some other acts, as amended by the Act no. 515/2003 Coll., Act no. 167/2008 Coll. and Act no. 445/2008 Coll. (English)pdf
Criminal Code (300/2005 Coll.), amended 2016 (Slovakian)pdf

Financial Disclosure

Law No. 357 of 2004_SLO, consolidated, last amended 2019.pdf (Slovak)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Constitution of the Republic of Slovakia of 1992 (Slovak)pdf
Law No. 357 of 2004 on the protection of the public interest in the performance of the functions of public officials (Slovak)pdf
Rules of Procedure of the National Council of the Slovak Republic of 1996 (Slovak)pdf
Code of Ethics for Civil Servants of 2019 (Slovak)pdf

Freedom of Information

Act No. 211 on Free Access to Information of 2000_SLO (Slovakian)pdf
Act No. 214 on the Protection of Classified Information of 2004_SLO (Slovakian)pdf
Act No. 18 on Personal Data Protection of 2018_SLO (Slovakian)pdf
Legislative Rules of the Slovak Government of 2016_SLO (Slovakian)pdf
Act No. 400 on Collection of Laws of the Slovak Republic of 2015_SLO (Slovakian)pdf
Act. No. 523 on Budget Rules of Public Administration of 2004_SLO (Slovakian)pdf

Public Procurement

Act of 18 November 2015 on Public Procurement and on Amendments to Certain Acts (343/2015 Coll.) (Slovak)pdf
Decree on financial thresholds for public procurement (428/2019 Coll.) (Slovak)pdf
Freedom of Information Act (211/2000 Coll.) (Slovak)pdf